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History, as America Set to Elect President

There has been ups and down for the two candidates, Hillary and Trump, since February when the race for the occupance of the prestigious White House started. As if this would be settled at the July Convention of the parties, the most controversial presidential candidates in American election emerged- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Democrat Party candidate, Hillary has faced fierce scrutiny from FBI as a result of using her private emails for classified information while serving as Secretary of State between 2009-2013. She is been haunted by her position on her husband’s clandestinity with women.

Though she has been given a clean sheet of these allegations, her campaign momentum was drastically slowed down. 

Clintons at Trump’s wedding

Trump, a man who does not mince words. He is a business man who has been at the centre of so many controversial utterances and actions. He is a man in whose blood true Republican flows. Donald does not hide his views and that of his party on foreign policies. His utterances on Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics is a clear evidence of what to expect if he becomes the next American president.

Trump has been alleged by a number of women for manhandling them. He was recorded on mic using sexual words while chatting with some ladies. Above all, this man never denied these allegations. He claimed the mic chats could not be used to judge his real person. Besides, those women were not that beautiful to catch his attention.

These are the two World president-to-be in the next few hours.

Vote wisely!