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I came across these pictures and marvelled at wonderful leverage makeup is giving majorly to the womenfolk. Many see this as wonderful we should not forget easily that “all that glitters is not gold”.makeup-sorcery-08-550x544-Copy

It’s  not surprising that men are not left behind in this trend as well. They nowadays crave for pink lips, good noses, coloured skin and so on. As the saying goes that, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander’s”. vllkytaHR0cDovL2Nkbi0wMS5uYWlqLmNvbS9vL3dsU0c2QmRLVG5ISjlWdEtDVGsxaWhvZC5qcGc=.prx.r800x600.ce26ec5d

It’s good to look complete but it must be known that nothing is perfect. To my bewilderment, fashion has gone beyond augmentation to identity change. It’s a common thing now to be who you want to be. People change their voice, skin and facial looks today.


Amber Rose butts

Globalization, technology, science and realization of right to life has afforded humans the right to be what they could be. These development has brought in its wake hope to a vast majority like this lady whose nose was ruptured.


Ruptured nose


Wayne’s bald head

However, there are abuses that need to be checked. Have you ever thought about seeing your black childhood friend who is now “white”?


MJ- black and white

Or your cousin who used to be a boy, but now a beautiful girl? How would you feel if you see a family member who suffered facial burnt but now good looking?

Please,  let’s hear your opinion.



Hope: The Amazing Transformation of The Abandoned Nigerian “Witchcraft” Child

I call it hope recovered but it’s an epitome of human inhumanity to man in a fetish world.


Story has it that the boy, who has been named Hope was left for dead on the streets by his family, who thinks he is a witch. The boy was discovered in January 2016 on a street in Akwa-Ibom State in Nigeria where people still live in the dark age. The lady above is a Danish that discovered the boy scavenging on the street – left to die – for 8 months. She picked him up and gave him hope.


The boy is currently recuperating in an orphanage home. See the his recent

picture below:


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