Common Social Networking Acronyms – I

I believe we always encounter slang and acronyms
like lol,omg,thx,wtf,lmao e.t.c on blogs, chat, email,
image boards, text messages and forums. We are
always scratching our heads wondering what these
words mean. Well, now you can sit back and relax
because today there will be no more head
scratching, i am going to reveal the definition of
these words.
And here we go:
lol – lauging out loud
omg – Oh my God
rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
lmao – laugh my @$$ off
brb – be right back
afk-away from keyboard
Dos-Dozing off soon
ty – thank you
np – no problem
fyi – for your information
Ttyl -Talk to you later
thx – Thanks
Lshccomnaiweda – Laughing so hard coke came
out my nose and i wasn’t even drinking any
BAK- Back at the keyboard
Toy- Thinking of you
Ybs- You will be sorry


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