Monthly Archives: February 2012


What’s your plan this Valentine. It will be great if you change your mind and plan to make it a different one. Why not try one or a combination of these ideas and see the magic. I wish you the best of Valentine.
1. Make a little loving
gesture every day.
2. Cuddle on the
sofa and watch a
3. Take a bubble
bath together.
4. Put a note in a
romance novel
saying, “The story
is great but our own
love story is the
5. Put a single red
rose on the seat of
your lover’s car
before he/she goes to
6. Send your lover a
virtual postcard at
least once a week.
7. Get every book
ever written by
your loved one’s
favorite author.
8. Get every movie
starring your lovers
favorite actor.
9. Keep twenty of your
lovers favorite
candy on hand.
10. Take her to see
the movie Titanic.
11. Make love to him/
her every night until
he/she asks you to
12. Give him/her
twelve dozen roses
on all their special
13. Compose a list:
“101 Reasons Why
You’re the Greatest”
Write each reason
on a separate
square of paper.
Wrap them in a
fancy gift box.
14. Sprinkle perfume
on to light bulb.
When light is turned
on the scent of the
perfume will fill the
15. Relax with a glass
of white wine.
16. Listen to a
romantic audio tape,
fix a cup of hot
flavored tea, and
light two candles.
17. Keep a journal of
your romantic
fantasies. Share it
with your soul
18. Buy a bunch of
fish at a pet store.
It doesn’t matter
what kind. Leave it
for your lover with a
note saying ” Out of
all the fish in the
sea, you are the one
for me”.
19. Take a picture of
yourself in the most
sexy outfit possible.
20. Hide in a secret spot
in your house and
leave him or her
clues on how to get
there. Watch the
sparks fly!
21. Put a blindfold on
your lover and drive
them to a place
where you have a
blanket, candles,
sparkling drinks, and
a rose. Park the car
and take off the
blindfold while you
read a poem you
have written for
22. While your lover is
in the shower, or
bath, put his bath
towel in a hot dryer
for a few minutes.
Greet him when
he gets out of the
shower with the
toasty towel.
23. Pull the bag out of
your lovers
breakfast cereal
box and slit a small
hole in it. Insert a
love note. Tape up
the bag and return
it to the box. What
a way to start the
24. Write a list of 50
or more things you
like or love about
your sweetheart.
25. Unplug the TV
set. Put a note on
the screen saying,
“Turn Me on
26. Build your lover a
web page telling
her why you love
her so much.
27. Mention special
moments and add
some images and
cool links to topics
that interest them.
28. Play “hide-and-
seek” in the rain. It’s
fun and VERY
29. Walk on the beach
in the moonlight.

30. Saying “I LOVE YOU” can be very magical. Try it this val.