Some Hidden Facts you may not Know

In this series I will be posting at least two hidden facts that you may not know. Though I know little about this life, I have moved out of my discipline and learnt a lot which I am bent to share with the world. This, I will be doing for the rest of this year, 2011. When we enter January 2012, I would have sorted out some issues which would enable me move to the next level. Then I will publish over 200 businesses you can start with little capital in the year 2012. Watch out. Follow me on this blog, do not forget to leave your contribution and comments.
Good! I’ll not be done if I do not apologise to my followers on this blog. I know you expected much over the past months. No P. I’m here like a torrent. Stay guide. However, taste the ‘pudding’:
* An iguana
can stay under
water for 28
* Pi has
calculated to
* The
billionth digit in
Pi is 9.
* The first
20 numbers
of Pi are:


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